Renata Badii

Renata Badii teaches a History Course on “The Holocaust” at Gonzaga University in Florence.

She earned a PhD in Political Philosophy from University of Florence (2007) and a Secondary School Teacher Qualification for Philosophy and History from University of Siena (2013).

She has worked as researcher and/or instructor at University of Florence, University of Padova, Humboldt Universität (Berlin), University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, University of Salerno, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa.

As a member of the Florentine NGO Forum per i problemi della pace e della guerra, she cooperated with the Regional Council of Tuscany to the scientific organization of the Holocaust Memorial Day (2007-2014).

Since 2014 she is the President of Milgram, a cultural association based in Turin. Current research interests include: Holocaust Studies; Racism; Weltbilder (images of the world) and contemporary forms of subjectivity. Her main publications are available online.