Social Justice Classes

The Office of Intercultural Relations includes, as one of its primary institutional goals, the increase of intercultural competency and diversity leadership.  To achieve this, OIR recommends and assists in new course development, provides faculty and staff training programs, and other learning opportunities related to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, language and other human differences. OIR aims to enhance the educational experience of our community and deepen understanding and respect for all people.

In partnership with various academic departments and faculty, Gonzaga University felt that in order to provide students with a well-rounded education and broaden their knowledge, a diversity/social justice requirement was essential.  There are a variety of classes across multiple disciplines that satisfy this requirement.

Gonzaga offers a variety of courses that fulfill the mandatory social justice/diversity (SJ) requirement.
Courses designated SJ for Spring 2007: 

   ENGL 102 

Intro to Literature

   FREN 331/INST 339

Contemporary French Cinema

   HIST 375

African-American History

   HIST 380

U.S. Since 1945

   INST 301/POLS 350  

Survey of International Studies

   INST 310

Third World Development

   INST 326/POLS 363/WOMS 342

Women in Comparative Societes

   INST 410/POLS 366

Perspectives on Global Issues

   POLS 303

Civil Liberties

   POLS 326

Race and Ethnicity Politics in the U.S.

   POLS 352

Latin American Politics

   PSYC 424

Community Psychology-Primary Prevention

   RELI 210A

Feminist Christian Doctrine

   RELI 330

Principles of Christian Morality

   RELI 337

Vietnam War-Christian Morality

   RELI 385/WOMS 355

Feminist Theologies

   SOCI 244/WOMS 201

Sex, Gender and Society

   SOCI 327

Social and Economic Inequalities

   WOMS 252C

Christian Documents From Feminist Perspectives