Kevin E. Henrickson


Professor of Economics

Kevin joined the SBA faculty in 2006.

B.A.: Pacific Lutheran University 2001
M.S.: University of Oregon 2003
Ph.D.: University of Oregon 2006

Brief Biography

Kevin Henrickson joined Gonzaga University in 2006, and is currently an Associate Professor of Economics.  Professor Henrickson’s research focuses on applied microeconomic topics with policy implications. You can access his personal webpage here.

Selected Publications

Henrickson, K. E., & Johnson, E. H. (2013). The Demand for Spatially Complementary National Parks.Land Economics, 89(2): 330-345.

Factors Influencing the Intensity of Mass Customization and the Effects on Competitive Trade-Offs, (Kevin E. Henrickson) International Journal of Business Strategy, 2009, Vol 9, No. 2, pages 58-68

Outsourcing and Organizational Practices - The Effects on Firm Competitiveness, (Kevin E. Henrickson) International Journal of Business Strategy, 2008, 8 (3): 37-49

Henrickson, Kevin E. And Wesley W. Wilson. 2008.  "Compensation, Unionization and Deregulation in the Motor Carrier Industry." The Journal of Law and Economics 51(1): 153-177.

Henrickson, Kevin E. Forthcoming. "Spatial Competition and Grain Transportation Demand on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers." Applied Economics.

Henrickson, Kevin E. and Ashish Thatte. Forthcoming. "Outsourcing and Organizational Practices: Effects on Firm Competitiveness." International Journal of Business Strategy.

Henrickson, Kevin E. and Wesley W. Wilson. 2007. "A Description of the Inland Waterway System and Planning Models." The Handbook of Transportation Policy and Administration, edited by Jeremy Plant, CRC Press: 53-78.

Henrickson, Kevin E. and Wesley W. Wilson. 2005. "A Model of Spatial Market Areas and Transportation Demand." The Transportation Research Record 1909: 31-38.