Native American Studies

A 21-credit credit minor in Native American Studies is currently under development.  Understanding that there is no single “Native American” perspective, the program will explore Native American histories and cultures through varied Native community experiences and points-of-view.  The multi-disciplinary curriculum will create:

  • Informed comprehension of Native American histories and distinct Native American colonial experiences;
  • Insightful consideration of varied Native American social, cultural, and political perspectives, including contemporary community priorities;
  • Scholarly appreciation for Native American arts and literature as tools for cultural interpretation; and
  • A deeper understanding of ancestral and contemporary Native American communities on the Columbia Plateau and Gonzaga’s intellectual and spiritual connection to this homeland.

The minor is open to all Gonzaga undergraduate students, and while program requirements are not yet finalized, students considering a minor in Native American Studies are encouraged to enroll in the required introductory course, NTAS 101.  NTAS 101 will be offered annually in the fall semester. Additional NTAS courses will be created and students may also fulfill the minor requirement through cross-listed courses as they become available.

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Laurie Arnold
Program Director
Phone: (509) 313-5947