Chinese Program

NI HAO! Students at Gonzaga study Chinese for some of the following reasons:

To open new job options in your chosen field in the 21st Century.

China is acknowledged as "The Market" for this century - an emerging market of 1.2 billion people (that's five times the population of the United States). Growing international recognition of China's economic and political importance translates to rapidly increasing career opportunities in business, law, government, technology, and education. Learning Chinese will give you the competitive edge to this economic reality. Many of our past Chinese program students received job offers from international firms doing business in China.

To learn Chinese in order to enhance a liberal arts education.

China's rich 5000 years of civilization, history, and culture evolved in almost total isolation from Western Civilization. Exploring Chinese treasures in literature, philosophy, history, art, music, mythology, values, and customs can make for a lifetime of enjoyable discovery and appreciation. Learning the Chinese language is the first step to entering and understanding this fascinating "new world."

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Dr. Christina Isabelli
Department Chair
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Lisa Meyer
Program Assistant
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