Syllabus Project

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One of the Institute's primary objectives is to encourage the interdisciplinary study of hate. As one means of accomplishing this goal, we are collecting and making available on our site syllabi from faculty on courses that are related to hate studies. We aim to provide a wide array of hate studies related educational resources in order to aid others who may be interested in designing a hate studies course. If you are interested in submitting your syllabus, please e-mail it to If you know someone who teaches a related class, please forward this web page to him or her and request that he or she submit their syllabus for posting.




Criminal Justice

  • Hate Crimes
    William C. Smith, Davis College, Fall 2009


Interdisciplinary Studies

Political Science


Public Policy

Social Work


  • Bias Crimes
    Dr. Randy Blazak, Portland State University, Winter 2005


Women's and Gender Studies

Teaching a Class

  • Teaching a General Education Class - This link is to an article about the challenges and solutions of teaching a general education course on hate crimes written by Phyllis Gerstenfeld.