Instructional Media and Technology

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Instructional Media
& Technology

See the many instructional solutions we offer to keep your class engaged!

Media Production Samples

Below are samples of projects we have worked on for other staff and faculty members and we are continuing to expand our capabilities as technology continues to develop

Cooperative Simulation RPGs

Zombie News Broadcast Simulation Project Thumbnail

Zombie News Broadcast Simulation Project

On behalf of Gonzaga's nursing program, IDD created zombie apocalypse content for students to practice, in a simulation setting, emergency response tools, and engage in discussion about topics ranging from epidemic and pandemic protocol, to communication plans and community health culture.

The Choking Hazard Case Study Simulation Project

The Choking Hazard Case Study Simulation Project

The Law Students were given a case study video each week. These videos would segue into the RPG Cooperative Simulation component of the curriculum that includes discussion questions and decision making, engaging students in practicing problem solving as a lawyer on behalf of a theoretical client.

Web/UX Design and Development

IDD Website Redesign Sample

Instructional Design and Delivery Website Design

The newly revamped Instructional Design and Development public facing and internal my.GU portal sites! To see the internal version, please sign on to my.GU

Pacific Northwest MOSAIC Articles Project


Mapping Othering, Strength, & Allyship In Community is a publicly accessible free online resource housed at Gonzaga University in cooperation with the Gonzaga School of Leadership Studies, Gonzaga Center for the Study of Hate, and multiple community partners. *Will go live soon

CSAS Website Redesign Sample

Center for Student Academic Success Website Redesign

Instructional Design & Delivery can provide webpage redesign for staff and faculty members! Please see the newly revamped Center for Student Academic Success public facing site and check out what we can do for you! To see the internal version, please sign on to my.GU

IDD Web User Interface Samples Directors Blog Project Image

IDD Director's Blog

‘From the Director’s Chair’ is a blog providing academic insight into the world of Instructional Design & Delivery. This blog will delve into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of technology incorporation and gamification of education in the online and hybrid classroom. Please check it out!

Infographic Design

Gonzaga Global Core Requirements Flowchart Thumbnail

Gonzaga Global Core Requirements Flowchart

In collaboration with Gonzaga Global, IDD created a flowchart that visually represents the Core Requirements for undergraduate students that was tailored for an international student audience.

Associate Provost for Educational Effectiveness Organizational Chart Thumbnail

Associate Provost Educational Effectiveness Organizational Chart

On behalf of the Associate Provost’s office IDD built a visual representation of the department, including the teams and individuals within the department, to allow Gonzaga community members a seamless experience when looking for staff titles and contact information.

IDD Infographics Associate Provost Educational Effectiveness Relational Chart Thumbnail

Educational Effectiveness Provost Partners Integration Infographic

On behalf of the Associate Provost’s office, IDD built a visual representation of the structure of Gonzaga and the Provost’s office in relation to other departments on campus.

IDD Project Request Process Infographic Thumbnail

IDD Project Request Process Infographic

To help the Gonzaga community better understand Instructional Design & Delivery’s creative flow, IDD created a simplified visual representation of our process. This chart chart shows everything from the staff/faculty request phase, all the way to final the final product phase!

IDD Infographics Blackboard Job Duties Chart Thumbnail

Blackboard Job Duty Chart

This visual aid was created by IDD to provide clarity for departmental stakeholders regarding the breakdown of Learning Management Systems Administrators and Data Analysts’ roles and responsibilities in supporting Gonzaga community staff and faculty in LMS’ everyday use and management.

Academic Integrity Month Workshop Series Calendar Social Media Thumbnail Graphic

Academic Integrity Month Workshop Series Calendar

On behalf of students and faculty, IDD created a printable social media advertisement, in the form of a calendar, for a series of workshops that focused on academic integrity.

Pandemic Pedagogy Wrap Up Events Graphic Thumbnail

Pandemic Wrap Up Events Presentation Graphic

In preparation for re-starting in-person classes on campus, the Director of Instructional Design & Delivery created a visual presentation for Gonzaga community members that discussed the challenges and successes experienced during the online/hybrid teaching implemented during the pandemic. This document provided highlights and key takeaways for faculty and staff, in an easy to digest format as we transitioned back into in-person study.

Zag Into Action Student Demographics Infographic Thumbnail

Zag Into Action Student General Demographics

This infographic was created by the IDD team to demonstrate the student demographics at Gonzaga University.

 IDD Infographics Organizational Leadership Progression Map

Organizational Leadership Progression Map

This infographic was created to visually represent the course pathway and requirements for Organizational Leadership master’s program.