Dual Enrollment Summer Classes

High School - College Dual Enrollment Classes

Summer Session 2
June 28 - August 6, 2021

Online Classes, No Regular Meeting Times

Business 283, Business Law

This course addresses the legal fundamentals in running a business with particular attention to contracts, partnerships, corporations, property, commercial paper, securities, and the regulatory environment.


Criminology 101, Crime, Social Control, Justice

A critical analysis of the way the American criminal justice system operates, focusing on the nature of law, the police, and the courts.


Economics 201, Microeconomics
Economics of the firm and the consumer. Principles underlying supply and demand; analysis of competition, monopoly, and other market structures; labor and other resource markets; international trade; taxation.


Economics 202, Macroeconomics
The structure and functioning of the national economy. Particular attention is given to determinants of national income, employment and the price level, fiscal and monetary policies, international trade, exchange rates, and trade restrictions.

History 102, Survey of Western Civilization II
A survey of European history from the seventeenth century to the present with emphasis on ideas, politics, and social changes

History 112, World Civilization, 1500-Present
A survey of world civilization from the 16th century to the present with an emphasis on the different civilizations of the world and their interactions.

Music 171, Music in the Humanities
Historical survey of the development of music from antiquity to the present. Relationships between the other arts, philosophies, and social structures presented in context with the evolution of music. Emphasizes the understanding of music history through lecture, performance, and recordings.


Music 175, Jazz History
A survey of jazz history including important musicians and recordings with the highest emphasis on aural discernment and critical listening skills. The lives, historical/social significance, and music of key jazz musicians of each style period will be studied through demonstrative lectures and audio/visual examples.


Physical Education 190, Introduction to Kinesiology and Sport Management
Overview of the historical and philosophical foundations, contemporary viewpoints, and knowledge bases of kinesiology and sport management. Introduction to scholarly study, career opportunities, and professional preparation in related fields.


Psychology 101, General Psychology

An overview of contemporary psychology which introduces the student to the following areas: human development, sensation perception, motivation, learning, emotion, psychological measurement, personality, biological basis of behavior, experimental psychology, intelligence, abnormal behavior, and personality. Format consists of lectures and discussions. 


Religious Studies 234, Feminism and Christianity

An introduction to the academic discipline of Christian theology, and the way in which the Christian community makes believing possible and meaningful for contemporary people of faith. Particular attention is given to the impact of feminist scholarship on the doing of Christian theology.

Religious Studies 253, Islamic Civilization
Introduction to the history of Islamic civilization centering on the relationship of religion to society and culture; the origins of Islam; Islamic belief and practice; Islam, politics, and society; fine arts and intellectual developments; and Islam in the modern world.


Religious Studies 261, History and Teaching of Christianity
Designed to give students of Christian and non-Christian backgrounds an introductory knowledge of the growth and development of Christianity from its beginnings to the present day.


Sociology 204, Research Methods

Provides training and experience designing, conducting, and analyzing social research through projects using surveys, interviews, and observation. This course is useful for students contemplating careers in which knowledge concerning people (customers, clients, employees, students, etc.) is needed for testing theories, making decisions, targeting appeals, etc.

Online Classes With Scheduled Meeting Times

Mathematics 100, College Algebra

College algebra for those students who need additional preparation before taking MATH 114, MATH 147, or MATH 148. Topics include equations, polynomials, conics, graphing, algebraic, exponential and logarithmic functions.


Mathematics 121, Introductory Statistics

An introduction to the basic concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics and their application to the interpretation and analysis of data.


Mathematics 147, Precalculus
Topics include advanced equations and inequalities, functions and graphs including composite and inverse functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, trigonometric functions and their graphs, right angle trigonometry, trigonometric identities, systems of equations, and conics.



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