Each summer, eight to ten faculty applicants from all units and departments of the University are accepted for a curriculum workshop that offers multi-disciplinary brainstorming around sustainability issues, experiential learning about place, and pedagogical exercises designed to help faculty develop new courses or new course modules for existing courses. Participants earn a modest stipend of $500 in recogntion of the work involved. Participants commit to:

  • Attend a two-day workshop, usually held a few days after graduation.
  • Develop a syllabus for a new course or a course module that incorporates sustainability or environmental issues appropriate to their field.
  • Attend a dinner meeting in March to report on experiences and intellectual process.

Learning for the Cataldo Project participants will come in several forms. Faculty will immerse themselves in basic knowledge through on-line readings prior to the workshop and formal presentations during the workshop. Topics that may be covered include the local Rathdrum watershed ecosystem, Spokane’s environmental justice and equity issues, public health consequences of sprawl, and current campus sustainability efforts. Outdoor river walks deepen ecological knowledge, and fieldtrips expand the educational experience into unfamiliar parts of Spokane. Concrete examples from Spokane and the surrounding region help to strengthen a sense of place and support imaginative connections for courses. Much learning also occurs in small and large group discussions.

For more information, contact Faculty Fellow for Sustainability, Brian Henning, or 313.5885.