About the CTA


Jeffrey Dodd
CTA Director
(509) 313-6742

Darci Bierman
CTA Program Coordinator
(509) 313-6953


Faculty Fellows

James Hunter
Faculty Fellow for the Advising Academy

Associate Professor, ELC & Director of TESOL Programs
PhD, Applied Linguistics, University of Birmingham, UK
MA,Teaching English as a Second Language, Eastern Washington University
Royal Society of Arts Certificate, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Godmer
House School of English, Oxford, UK
BA (Honors), Japanese and Korean Studies and Politics, The Universities of Oxford
and Sheffield, UK

Dr. Hunter has taught ESL/EFL for over 25 years in the USA, Japan, Spain, and the UAE. He has lived in many countries (France, Spain, Malaysia, Japan, China, and the UAE) and studied several languages, so he understands how challenging it is to communicate across languages and cultures. Dr. Hunter thinks learning English should be fun, engaging, and motivating, and should give you the confidence and ability to reach your goals. Communication is much more important than trying to speak “perfect” English! He loves learning about his students’ countries and cultures, and tries to make his classroom a place where all cultures are welcome and respected. He especially loves teaching Listening & Speaking and Grammar.

Heather Easterling Ritchie
Faculty Fellow for the New Faculty Learning Community

Associate Professor, English
PhD, University of Washington
Emphasis: Early Modern Drama, Representation of Early Modern Gender and Culture in Literature

Rob Bryant
Faculty Fellow for Teaching and Technology

Professor, Computer Science and Computer Science and Computational Thinking & Information Technology & Society Program Director

Rob Bryant is a professor of computer science and is the Director for the College of Arts and Sciences Computer Science and Computational Thinking program. He holds a M.S. in computer science from Washington State University and has been at Gonzaga University for 30 years. In recent years he has focused on developing outreach programs both at the university level and in K-12 schools to increase education in computing and computational thinking for all students. He also serves as a faculty fellow in the Center for Teaching and Advising working to enhance the integration of technology to improve pedagogy in classrooms.

Brian G. Henning
Faculty Fellow for Sustainability

Professor, Philosophy and Environmental Studies
PhD, Fordham University
MPhil, Fordham University
MA, Fordham University
BA, Seattle University

Dr. Henning regularly teaches Environmental Ethics and Ethics of Global Climate Change, both of which count toward the Philosophy Major/Minor as well as the Environmental Studies Major/Minor. Outside of teaching, his service to the Gonzaga community focuses primarily on environmental issues through his work with the Advisory Council on Stewardship and Sustainability (2008-2015), which he helped found in 2008. Since 2015 Dr. Henning has served as Gonzaga's Inaugural Faculty Fellow for Sustainability, focusing on the creation of a Sustainability Across the Curriculum initiative called the Cataldo Project. Recently he has also become interested in the topic of fossil fuel divestment at Gonzaga University.

Philosophically, Dr. Henning is interested in the intersection of metaphysics, aesthetics, and ethics. At this rich crossroad he finds inspiration from the 20th century's most important systematic philosopher, Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947). Dr. Henning works to advance the study of Whitehead’s philosophy of organism as Director of Research for the Whitehead Research Project, Founding Executive Editor of the Edinburgh Critical Edition of the Complete Works of Alfred North Whitehead, and Founding Co-Editor of Contemporary Whitehead Studies book series.

CTA Steering Committee

The Steering Committee advises the Director on budgetary and strategic planning initiatives. Members include the following:

  • Jeffrey Dodd, CTA Director
  • Robert Bryant, CTA Faculty Fellow
  • Heather Easterling, CTA Faculty Fellow
  • Brian Henning, CTA Faculty Fellow
  • James Hunter, CTA Faculty Fellow
  • John Eliason, Director of the University Writing Center
  • Kelly Jenks, Foley Instructional Librarian
  • Molly Kretchmar, Director of the University Core Curriculum
  • Phoebe Oosterhuis, Center for Community Engagement
  • Deborah Stevenson, Director of the Center for Student Academic Success
  • Darci Bierman, CTA Program Coordinator


Office Location

We are located in room 105 of the Foley Library, in the East Wing of the Library's main floor.

Mailing Address:

Center for Teaching and Advising
Gonzaga University
MSC #2478
502 E. Boone Ave
Spokane, WA 99258