COVID19 Accommodations

This page updated 7/31/2020 to align with President McCulloh's message to Students and Families sent on 7/28/2020. 

COVID 19 Accommodation requests for students in a high risk category

Undergraduate students: given the new guidance outlined in the President's message, it may be possible for you to take your courses remotely without going through our process.  However, do not hesitate to contact our office with questions or concerns - and you may still go through the process outlined below in order to receive the Disability Access office's support through accommodation. 

If you are already a client with the Disability Access office and already have documentation on file indicating that you are in a high risk category, please contact us with a request to revise your accommodation plan.

Students with medical conditions that place them at greater risk of severe illness according to the CDC may seek disability accommodation for attending class virtually in Fall 2020 due to the current COVID pandemic.  Not all classes will be available virtually, for example some highly interactive hands on courses such as labs may not be able to be taught online.

The process is outlined here:

  • Get documentation from your medical provider that fulfills the following criteria: lists the diagnosed condition that puts you at greater risk for severe illness if you contract COVID, how long you have been seen by that medical provider, and it needs to be legible and include that medical provider's name and contact information.  (If you already have documentation that fulfills this criteria, you don't need to get a new note).
  • Fill out our Online Student Application - you may attach your documentation to this when you complete it or
  • You (or your provider) may mail the documentation, email it to, or fax it to (509) 313-5523.

After that we will contact you for a quick discussion.  If your documentation isn't sufficient we will let you know as quickly as possible.

COVID 19 Accommodation requests for other types of conditions

If you feel that you are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill or having serious negative health consequences due to a disability that is not on the CDC's list; or you feel you need disability accommodations other than attending class virtually, please follow the usual Process for Requesting Accommodations.

COVID 19 Requests for students who do not have a qualifying medical condition

Please see President McCulloh's message from 7/28/2020 - it may be possible for many undergrad students to take their courses remotely given the fact that most classes will be online or a hybrid of online and in person.

Law Students - If you fall in this category please contact Dean Little or Dean Pearson.

Students in other Graduate/Doctoral programs - please contact your department for updates on the availability of remote learning.