Freshman Registration

Finally!!  The moment you've been waiting for is here - Your first semester schedules are complete and ready for you to view!  Please click on "First Semester Schedules" from the navigation menu to learn how to view your schedule, how to understand your schedule and requirements, and if necessary, how to make a schedule change request.   


The information below pertains to the initial phase of the enrollment process.  For information about your first semester schedule, see link above! 

Welcome and Congratulations on your acceptance as a Gonzaga University student for the fall 2019 entering class!  We are so excited you will be joining us this fall, and can't wait to get you started on your academic journey, which begins with the construction of your first semester schedule.  Read on for instructions and information to get started today!

The professional advisors in Academic Advising & Assistance (AAA) play a very important role in your transition to University life. Our mission, to "support students in pursuit of their academic success," begins with the construction of your first Gonzaga University class schedule.

Here's how it works:

Throughout the spring/summer: Check your email accounts and read/respond!

Communication is so important to the process of enrolling you - just as much as you need to be informed, we also need information from you.  So please, check your email accounts daily and read/respond to messages from

You should all receive information regarding your Gonzaga email account in the postal mail 7-10 days after paying your confirmation deposit.  Your Gonzaga email is the official means of communication the University will use to send you important information.  As soon as possible, log into your account and start checking this email on a regular, daily, basis.  

Step One: Educate yourself on Gonzaga's degree requirements and programs.

We made it easy for you by putting the important details in a video.  You must watch this video and answer the knowledge check questions throughout in order to gain access to the Academic Interest Survey.  

Step Two: Complete the online Academic Interest Survey (AIS).

The AIS provides us with vital information needed to enroll you accurately for your first semester courses. We cannot register you without it! The survey link is at the end of the Video, in Step One above.  Please allow yourself enough time to view the video and answer the questions (10-15 minutes), complete the AIS (15-45 minutes), and any follow-up assessments as soon as possible, and no later than May 31st to avoid registration delays.

Step Three: Keep checking your email! 

Many of you will be asked to take Mathematics and/or Second Language placement assessments following the completion of your Academic Interest Survey.  These are sent to you via email, and like the AIS, we cannot register you without them! Not all students will be asked to complete these.  If you don't get an email from us, we don't need your placement assessment.  Rest assured, we will contact students who do need to complete these multiple times until we have the information on hand.  No news is good news for some of you. 

Step Four: Please, be patient while we work.

This summer the professional advisors in AAA will schedule you for your first semester courses. We do this using our advising expertise (together our years of experience span more than 3 decades), along with the information you provide in the AIS and, if applicable, placement assessments.  We have a lot of information to decipher and consider when scheduling the incoming class. The process takes time, because we want to make sure it's done well!  We will have your schedule finalized no later than August 1st, and will notify you via email. Until then, your schedule will be subject to change as we balance the competing demands and scheduling intricacies of registering 1,200+ individual students.  If you have a question, check the FAQs first.  Still have questions? Contact us. You will have an opportunity to request changes to your schedules after August 1st. To learn more, including specific dates and times, visit our Schedule Changes page.

Contact the Office of Academic Advising & Assistance

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