Holy Family Hospital

CE 10 Team: Ryan Hamersky, Carl Buher, Margaret Janicki, Rob Gonia
Advisor: Dr. Sara Ganzerli
Liaison: Dave Peden

This project consisted of structural design for a four-story Medical Office Building at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane. The building will help expand the hospital and improve service for the North Spokane area. Holy Family is a non-profit Catholic hospital and therefore all of their earnings are reinvested into the hospital.

To complete the project, the student design team had to determine the local code requirements, select an appropriate structural system and design the building. As well as design the gravity and lateral load resisting elements of the structure, produce the necessary AutoCAD drawings, and prepare all of the pertinent structural calculations. The student team gained valuable experience with structural design, advanced their knowledge of building codes, materials, and seismic design and improved their written and verbal communication as well as their engineering judgment.

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