Pallet Handler

Pallet Handler Team

Luke Larson, Scott Wagemans, Kevin O'Leary, Spencer Magnusson

Advisor:  Mike Keegan

Liason: Kevin Brown

Sponser:Alliance Corporation

Alliance Pallet Handler

Project Description: Alliance Corporation, LLC currently manufactures machines for pallet stacking and dispensing along a conveyor line. A more efficient, all electric machine was to be designed.  It needed to have a smaller footprint and more convenient configuration. Safety and functionality within the machine were two main objectives.

Our design consists of a compression system that automatically adjusts to different sized pallets and holds them for lifting.  It utilizes photo eyes and limit switches to operate in an automatic mode that can constantly stack or dispense pallets in a variety of orientations. Our goal, in the culmination of this project, was to deliver a detailed design of the specified machine that coincides with all the specifications given to us by Alliance Corporation.