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Grades will be given at semester intervals. A 3.0 must be earned in all coursework and key assignments. Satisfactory must be obtained in clinical practicum and seminar courses.


Students must keep their Washington State RN license current at all times and a copy must be on file in the MAE Program office. Nursing license renewals are annual and expire on your birthday in Washington. Renewal documents are not forwarded, so each student must keep his or her address current with the Nursing Commission. Students whose license lapse will not be able to do clinical practicum and missed time will be considered unexcused absences and time must be made up prior to graduation.


Individual and family health insurance is available through Gonzaga.  Please contact the Gonzaga University Health Center for more information.


A total of thirty-five (35) days is allotted for excused time off during the twenty-eight (28) month program.  This includes sick time, vacation time and interview time.  Absence exceeding thirty-five (35) days must be made up at the end of the program.  The following holidays are observed: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days) and Christmas.  In addition, one week's leave is granted between Christmas and New Year's Day, exclusive of thirty-five (35) days allowed as excused time off.  First year students are required to take one week off between the first and second semesters in May.  That week is excluded from the above time.


Military reserve duty will be granted and will not count as vacation time.  It must not interfere with classes.  Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain a reservist's position in the program if he/she is called to active duty.


During the first semester of school, classes may be scheduled between 7:00am and 5:00pm.  After the first semester clinical duty begins at 6:00am.  Evening classes or seminars may occasionally be held.  Any student wishing to leave early must report to the Medical Center Program Director or the Clinical Director.

  1. The academic requirements of the MAE program make it necessary for the student to plan a specific number of hours for study each day, and consequently work schedules must be limited.

  2. Nursing positions in addition to attendance in the School of Anesthesia must not exceed 20 hours per week.  Part-time employment is acceptable if a student shows by his/her grades, punctuality, health, alertness in classes and clinical assignments that he/she can hande the extra duty.  At no time is nursing employment to interfere with class assignments or anesthesia case assignments, and may not exceed 20 hours per week.

  3. Students cannot work 11:00pm to 7:00am preceding any work or call day.

  4. The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Education Programs and the Master o fAnesthesiology Education Program do not allow students to be employed in anesthesia or to practice anesthesia outside the program.  Infractions are reason for dismissal from the MAE program.


The student must satisfactorily complete:

  1. Sixty-four (64) semester hours of credit as specified by the MAE program.

  2. Thirty-seven (37) semester hours in core anesthesia and twenty-seven (27) hours in education courses are required.

  3. An Oral Examination based on a research project of the student's choosing, analysis of clinical scenarios, and an integrated professional philosophy paper.

  4. Completion of all required program material with a grade point of 3.0 or above in each course.

  5. Meet all academic and financial requirements of the MAE program.

Upon successful completion of the MAE program, the student will be awarded a Master of Anesthesiology Education degree from Gonzaga University and a certificate from Sacred Heart Medical Center School of Anesthesia.  Graduates are eligible to take the National Certification Examination administered by the NBCRNA.  Graduation may be deferred until all program requirements are met.


The Certification Examination administered through the NBCRNA is a computer adaptive test available through local learning centers.  The exam must be taken within three months of graduation.  Application to take the examination is completed during the last six weeks of the Program.  The year 2013 fee is $725.00 and is subject to change.

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