Goal Five

Goal 5: 90% of undergraduate students successfully transition to their next educational, professional or vocational stage within one year of graduation, and at least 10% of these are engaged in an innovative or entrepreneurial venture. (Target: 2020)


The 2019 First Destination Survey, released in March 2020, indicated that the success rate for the undergraduate class of 2019 was 94.3% (5.7% of students were still seeking employment or access to continuing education). With a knowledge rate of 82.3%, the categorical breakdown of their successes are:

% of Students Destination
70.8% Employed
16.6% Continuing Education
4.6% Volunteer Service
1.4% Military Service
.8% Not seeking employment or other first destination

The national average for the undergraduate class of 2018 was 85.7% according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). This information is not yet available for the class of 2019.