Gonzaga University lives out the Jesuit legacy by calling all members of the university community - regardless of religious tradition - to integrate their faith and learning, and to share their gifts with the world.

Central to this mission is helping each community member to develop his or her unique faith life through worship, reflection, and service, a goal that is manifested in our ongoing commitment to promote ecumenical and inter-religious understanding. Through these practices, we commit ourselves to foster understanding and respect between and among the various religious traditions embraced by members of our community and to seek justice and peace in our community and world.

Mission and Ministry has connections to the surrounding community and can link students to various local churches and houses of worship.

The word ecumenical refers to the movement to unite the Christian Churches. Catholics, Protestants and many other Christian traditions are represented on this campus. Mission and Ministry sponsors a variety of affiliated ministries and student groups.

Jewish Bulldogs

Our mission is to give Jewish Zags the resources they need, while creating a community of people with shared beliefs and offering Non-Jewish Zags an opportunity to learn more about the religion.

Who do we serve?

We serve the greater Gonzaga community. We welcome everyone to join our events, including students from all faith backgrounds.

What kind of events do we host?

Jewish Bulldogs averages one event a month, including holiday events, Shabbat dinners, services, and much more. During events, the Jewish Bulldogs combine traditional aspects of Judaism with fun tidbits of information for students who are less familiar with the Jewish religion.

Our Jewish Community

Jewish Bulldogs works on making connections with other members of the Jewish Community in Spokane through Temple Beth Shalom. Through Jewish Bulldogs, Jewish and non-Jewish Gonzaga students are able to connect with Jewish community members of all ages. The connection to Temple Beth Shalom also allows the Jewish Bulldogs to have a unique and direct impact on the local Jewish community.

Interfaith Council

The Interfaith Council is a space of authentic community where members of the Gonzaga community of all faiths are encouraged to open dialogue by embracing diversity, respect, and authentic inquisitiveness. Each action is done in hopes of understanding and improving one’s own spirituality at a deep level by learning about and understanding the spirituality of another.

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