Ecumenical and Interfaith

Gonzaga University lives out the Jesuit legacy by calling all members of the university community - regardless of religious tradition - to integrate their faith and learning, and to share their gifts with the world.

Central to this mission is helping each community member to develop their unique faith life through worship, reflection, and service, a goal that is manifested in our ongoing commitment to promote ecumenical and inter-religious understanding. Through these practices, we commit ourselves to foster understanding and respect between and among the various religious traditions embraced by members of our community and to seek justice and peace in our community and world.

Mission and Ministry has connections to the surrounding community and can connect students to various local churches and houses of worship.

Jewish Life

Our Jewish Community

The Jewish Community at GU prays, studies, and celebrates together. Central to Jewish life is Gonzaga's Torah, gifted in 2021, which is housed in the Jewish Sacred Space (College Hall, 3rd Floor, Interfaith Hallway). The Jewish Sacred Space serves as the main gathering space for the Jewish Community on campus. Jewish life at Gonzaga is led and supported by Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein and includes opportunities like:

  • annual Shabbat Retreat
  • monthly Shabbat services and meals
  • Holy days (details and sign up)
  • Jewish Sacred Chant
  • small group spiritual exploration
  • opportunities for Torah study

Join us for these upcoming events:


Join for us for a brief service followed by some interactive Torah discussion—bring parents, friends, siblings or suitemates—or come alone and get to know us.  Jimmy Johns sandwiches to follow around 11:45. All events in the Hearth Room next to the Jewish Sacred Space in College Hall, 3rdfloor East.

If you could let Isaiah Krigel know how many are coming, we can approximate a sandwich count. 

Yom Kippur Events

Kol Nidre is this coming Tuesday night (10/4) at 7: This a special service with a prayer that is only heard once a year on this special night. We will have a guest fiddler, Carlos Lorant, participating; This unique melody ushers in the holy day.

All following events are on 10/5 in the Hearth Room 

  • Yom Kippur Morning Service with our Torah begins at 9:30 and should end around 12.  Please don’t worry about coming in late or leaving early. Observe the day as is meaningful for you.  You can participate even if you choose not to fast. Judaism does not require fasting if you have any kind of illness in which fasting could be harmful whether physical or psychological.
  • Yizkor:  4 PM A mediative service of remembrance; we have all lost a lot in the past few years: this service is not only about remembering loved ones but also pets, a change in your life or someone you love.  We will sing Eli Eli, and some other favorite Jewish songs. 
  • Discussion: 5 PMBeing Jewish: What does our tradition say about being Jewish and what does it mean today?  Let’s study a bit and get to know each other.  
  • Neillah Closing Service 6 Pm: Neilah means the “closing of the gates”—the last opportunity on this holy day to express the words of your heart.  Hear the sound of the shofar and celebrate this new year!
  • Break the fast: close to 7 Pm: Bagels, cream cheese and lox, tomatoes, capers and onions—Is it New York? No, it’s the Jewish Bulldogs saying goodbye to the High Holidays in style.      


Jewish Bulldogs

Jewish Bulldogs is a student club with a mission to give Jewish Zags the resources they need, while creating a community of people with shared beliefs and offering non-Jewish Zags an opportunity to learn more about the religion. The Jewish Bulldogs host events like:

  • holiday events
  • Shabbat dinners
  • services
  • and much more!

During events, the Jewish Bulldogs combine traditional aspects of Judaism with fun tidbits of information for students who are less familiar with the Jewish religion. Everyone is welcome, including students from all faith backgrounds. Current students can find details on Zagtivities.

For more information on Jewish Life, contact Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein at

Delight Ministry

Delight ministry is a Christ-centered community that desires to lead women in their life with Jesus. It is student-led and rooted in Scripture-based curriculum and resources.

Contact Janeen Steer for more information at

Students for Life

Gonzaga Students for Life is the pro-life organization on Gonzaga’s campus committed to advocating a consistent life ethic. Students for Life believe that every human life, from conception to natural death, has dignity and infinite worth. The life issues they focus on include abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. Through education, prayer, service, and love, we strive to spread a culture of life at Gonzaga and beyond. 

Common Ground with Thirst Worship Band

Common Ground is a student led worship night where we sing, chill, hear cool messages, pray and rejuvenate.





Tuesdays from 9-10pm. College Hall Chapel (on the 3rd floor).

Questions? Contact Janeen at


Bulldog Athletics Ministry (BAM)

Bulldog Athlete Ministry seeks to walk with student-athletes along their journey towards discovering their best selves by providing opportunities for prayer, self-reflection, and meaningful connection with friends, and teammates both inside and outside of sports. BAM has opportunities to grow in faith, leadership and service. BAM meets every Monday from 7-8pm in the 63 Court. Contact Rev. Janeen Steer for more information at

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