Staff Formation Initiative

The Office of Mission and Ministry is currently developing a multi-phase staff formation program to be rolled out in a pilot-form in Spring 2022. This cohort-based program will invite staff to encounter and explore both Ignatian Spirituality and the distinctive mission of Jesuit higher education as they are asked to consider how those traditions might be brought into dialogue with the expertise and wisdom they bring to their work as staff professionals. The program would be completed over the course of two full academic years and involves six tiers of participation. Each tier—some of which consist of one meeting while others consist of several meetings—invites participants to consider particular questions through which they engage the foundations of Gonzaga’s mission and the traditions that ground it. At various points, participants would be invited to read and discuss texts considered foundational to Jesuit higher education and Ignatian Spirituality. To learn more about any of our staff formation opportunities, please email Kevin Brown, Ph.D., at

An opportunity to consider the distinctive context in which we work and charism that animates the Jesuit tradition. Learn more by exploring these resources.


An opportunity to consider 1) how Ignatian Spirituality provides a foundation for Jesuit higher education, 2) the Catholic intellectual tradition and Jesuit Humanism, 3) the service of faith and the promotion of justice in Jesuit higher education, and 4) Ignatian pedagogy and social transformation.


How can Ignatian Spirituality help me discern how the work I do here is correlated to my understanding of God and/or Ultimate Meaning/Purpose?

This would involve participation in the Human Resources program, “Management through Mission,” and to experience “The First Spiritual Exercises” as a cohort.


An opportunity to encounter how the mission calls the university to be an agent of social transformation by working with community partners in our local region and to consider, as a cohort, how that encounter might inform our understanding of the type students we are called to form.


An opportunity for a deeper dive into some of the principles of our mission’s animating Catholic and Jesuit tradition and how they might shape our work as staff professionals and our lives at Gonzaga University.


Faber Seminars are topical Seminars that may consist of a single meeting or a semester- or year-long discussion group meeting weekly or bi-weekly. They invite faculty and staff to read and discuss shared texts in light of Gonzaga’s mission and its animating and grounding Catholic, Jesuit, and humanistic traditions. While these seminars mark the final tier of staff formation, the variety of forms they can take are meant to provide faculty with ongoing and continuing opportunities for formation and critical consideration of mission integration. These seminars provide excellent opportunities for collaboration with partners across campus. For example, recently Mission and Ministry co-facilitated seminars with the Office of Tribal Relations and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. While some seminars may be open only to staff, in order to allow staff space to consider the mission in light of their distinctive vocations as staff professionals, other seminars bring faculty and staff together to consider how we might live into our mission in new ways. If faculty or staff members are interested in co-facilitating a Faber Seminar with Mission and Ministry or proposing a potential topic or text, please reach out to Kevin Brown, Ph.D., at

Recent Faber Seminars include the following:

  • “Mission and Racial Justice,” a semester-long seminar co-facilitated with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion reading
  • “Decoloniality and Justice,” a semester-long seminar co-facilitated with the Office of Tribal Relations
  • “Anthropocentric Privilege and the Community of Creation,” an hour-long discussion with Daniel P. Horan, OFM, Ph.D., Duns Scotus Professor of Spirituality and associate professor of systematic theology and spirituality at Catholic Theological Union, co-sponsored by Environmental Studies, Religious Studies, and Catholic Studies
  • Laudato Si’ and Integral Ecology,” semester long seminars run separately for faculty (co-facilitated with the Environmental Studies Department and the Catholic Studies Program) and staff (co-facilitated with the Office of Sustainability)

Potential future topics include but are by no means limited to the following:

  • Environmental Justice and the Jesuit and Catholic Traditions
  • Gender, Justice, and the Jesuit and Catholic Traditions
  • Economic Justice and the Jesuit and Catholic Traditions
  • Anti-Racist Pedagogy
  • Decoloniality and the Jesuit and Catholic Traditions
  • Tradition and Transformation