Gonzaga Community Prayer Board

Gonzaga Community Prayer Board

This is a place to share your prayers and see the prayers offered by members of the Gonzaga community. You are loved and cared for here. We are praying for you. 







Prayers for all the sick and poor.

For Aaron, one of Missoula's best.

For niece Stephanie & her husband Nate who is on the front lines -- continued health and courage.

For my sister, Teresa, an ICU RN, And my friend Kelly, am RN as well to remain healthy during this time of caring for the sick.  

For my daughter, Emily, GU class of 2008, who is pregnant with her first child due May 2nd. She and her wife are currently healthy and working from home but living with so much uncertainty in Los Angeles. Pray for a safe and healthy delivery for Emily and for all doctors/nurses, hospital workers, all who are taking care of them are kept safe and healthy. Thank you.

Prayers needed for the intense anxiety and subsequent unhealthy self-damaging behaviors this pandemic is causing in my husband

Please pray for Eddie who is managing an illness during a very scary time.

Dr. Steve O'Brien DDS GU 1976 RIP

Please pray for all those who have contracted the coronavirus, and that social distancing helps us flatten the curve and prevent a surge of new infections. Please also offer your prayers to anyone economically challenged due to loss of income during this trying time.Prayers for the GU Seniors, That they find these remaining week fulfilling and that they find joy in their many achievements. That they know how very proud their families and friends are. That they stay safe and healthy.

My friend Dorothy

Please pray for those in our world who are most vulnerable, especially the poor living in close-packed slums and favelas. Pray for courage, strength, and health for our medical professionals and first responders.  

- Please pray for me for full healing (physical, emotional, spiritual) from a recent physical trauma. 
- Please also pray for full healing from past trauma, and for me to bloom and grow healthy, strong, and full of life as I have the time right now to sit in God's presence and enjoy the gifts He is giving me during this time. 
- Please thank Him that He is providing new treatment options that seem to offer hope of healing and getting my life back for the first time in almost 2 years!!!

Please pray for All the community volunteers at the fair grounds CoVid-19 testing site. Include in these prayers that there is enough protections given these volunteers so they can go home healthy. As a MSN student I could, and possibly should not, take the risk of volunteering but: If not me then WHO?  The calling is hard to realize with my many responsibilities as a Mom, Friend, Nurse and Wife. I pray that other students join me who are unable to fully participate in their educational requirements because they are unable to complete  (internships or clinical experiences) this semester that they volunteer to fill some of this need and remain healthy. 

Pray for my mother who is in poor health and my father to have grace as he is her primary caregiver.

To calm our hearts and ease our minds.

For calming of anxious hearts

Peace and hope for seniors/graduating students in their last semester at Gonzaga, facing cancellations and uncertainty

My mom, Mary.

Please pray for us as we have recently relocated and the promising job market for my husband is gone. I thank God for my adjunct faculty position at Gonzaga, for the spirit of Curitas and ability to pray out loud for our intentions! We are filled with gratitude! For a Gonzaga grad student who is fighting for his life. Please pray for him.

Mental fortitude. 

My husband is currently job-searching. We are praying that God reveals a position where he can serve others and feel purposeful.

For a graduate student who is fighting for his life. Please pray for him.