About Us

"Institutional research has been described as an attitude of commitment to the institution's purpose in society and to the value of critical appraisal and careful investigation."
- Joe L. Saupe, Association for Institutional Research


Our values include:

  • Accuracy: The Office of Institutional Research delivers accurate information.
  • Communication: IR personnel employ clear communication strategies and work as guides toward a path of inquiry and data-informed understanding.
  • Consistency: IR staff employs appropriate and consistent data definitions to ensure consistency of information and works with data stewards and process owners to encourage the same.
  • Professionalism: IR personnel are highly skilled and current in their professions and practices. We promote excellence and continuously improve through education, evaluation, and action. In addition, we work collaboratively with our colleagues and constituents to encourage and cultivate data-informed decision making.
  • Reliability: IR manages/analyzes/disseminates data and provides services that the Gonzaga community can rely upon to achieve its mission.

Reporting and Responsibilities

Our major responsibilities include:

  • Collection, coordination, analysis of university data for internal analysis of operations and outcomes.
  • Compiling and reporting official university statistics to the U.S. Department of Education, the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board, and other state and federal agencies.
  • Completing requests for information from external organizations, such as college guides and ratings publications.
  • Providing data and informational support for program review and outcomes assessment.
  • Serving as an educational resource and consultant by helping refine research and evaluation questions, assist in choosing appropriate methodologies, and identifying existing data.
  • Assisting the campus community with survey development, design, and analysis.
  • Providing data analysis and business intelligence tools (e.g., executive dashboards) to promote data-informed decision-making at all levels of the university administration.

Professional Ethics

The Office of Institutional Research at Gonzaga University adheres to the Code of Ethics established by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR). We also carry out our work under the guidance of Gonzaga University's Institutional Review Board policy for research involving human subjects and the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Professional Associations

Staff members in the Office of Institutional Research at Gonzaga University hold active memberships in the following professional organizations:

Data Requests

We strive to provide customers with timely, accurate, and clearly presented information for a variety of purposes. We can assist you with a university report or project requiring university statistics, complex statistical analysis, or assistance with assessment and evaluation.

If you need assistance and are able to define the sample, data needs, and research question for your project, please complete and submit the Data Request Form.

And, be prepared to have a follow-up conversation with a member of the Institutional Research staff to confirm the details of your request.

Please be assured that we will work with you to fulfill your request in a timely fashion; however, please be advised that the complexity of a request, the purpose of the request and its relation to institutional priorities, and the volume of requests received may impact the date of completion.

All requests will adhere to the guidelines set for by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Gonzaga University Office of Institutional Research.

If you have any questions regarding data request procedures, please contact the OIR staff at ir@gonzaga.edu or (509) 313-6948.

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