Program Proposals

New and Changed Program Proposal Process

The New Program Proposal and Proposal to Change an Existing Program forms are designed to assist program managers as well as the Risk Management, Department Managers, Faculty and Staff in evaluating and mitigating potential risks in new and changing programs.

The New Program Proposal Form is designed to be completed by individuals wishing to start an entirely new program at Gonzaga on behalf of their department, club, or organization. The Proposal to Change an Existing Program form is for individuals to propose a significant change to a previously proposed and approved program. Potential changes could include a change of location, change of date(s), etc. Neither of these forms is intended to develop or review academic curriculum or serve as an approval process for academic classes. The intent is to support students, faculty and staff who are considering implementing an activity or trip as part of an existing class, club or organization.

When completing either of the forms, be as specific as possible. This will allow the reviewers to gain the most complete understanding of your program.

Once you have decided which of these two forms best serves your needs, download the pdf and complete the form on your computer. Send the form, along with any additional documents (i.e. contracts, route maps, etc.) as attachments in an email to Deb Donning at a minimum of four weeks before the beginning of the program. Our goal is to provide a response within 15 days.