Program Fees

The following figures are estimates based upon your length of stay.

Expenses include: tuition for courses, program fees, housing, food, books and supplies, medical insurance, and personal needs.

Sabbatical guests can apply for financial aid and/or scholarship assistance. **

Estimated Expenses for 12 months
 Tuition and Fees
 Room and Telephone  $4,160
 Food  $3,000
 Books and Supplies  $900
 Medical Insurance $2,416 
 Personal Expenses $1,500 
 Total  $17,051

1 Semester (4 months): $5,390

1 Semester plus Summer: $8,990

2 Semesters: $10,814

12 Months: $16,185

Personal expenses such as medication, stamps, toiletries, etc. are not included in housing costs.

Additional services available, which are not included in fees for housing or academic courses. Academic courses include: Pastoral Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Massage Therapy, and Breath Work.

**Scholarships are distributed on a semester basis.