Something has led you to be interested in a sabbatical ~ perhaps the deep longing for a little rest and relaxation or even the recommendation of a friend or doctor.

A sabbatical is a great gift to give yourself. It is a way to experience a greater quality of life by taking this time to slow down and reflect upon who you are and whose you are. It is an extended retreat that lets you re-enter your world of ministry with a more vivid presence


TMI, The Ministry Institute Sabbatical is designed to meet the needs of each participant who has come "to rest" in God's renewing love and spirit. Since each participant arrives with different backgrounds, needs, and hopes for the year, flexibility and variety are hallmarks of our program. The following elements form the framework of your sabbatical experience: Our program allows you to choose the amount of group or structured time that you may desire, while balancing that with the beauty and peacefulness found in the Pacific Northwest for those who seek the presence of God in nature as well as within oneself and in other spiritual experiences.


  • An environment conducive to quiet and solitude
  • Intentional Faith community
  • Theology courses, seminars and workshops
  • Holistic and balanced lifestyle
  • Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling
  • Worship and Prayer
  • Guided and Directed Retreats
  • Free Time and Space
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Explore the Four Seasons