Revisions to Budget Process

Faculty conference at Gonzaga

To: All Gonzaga University Faculty and Staff

From: Office of Budget and Financial Analysis

Date: February 29, 2016

Re: Changes to Gonzaga's Operating Budget Process

Earlier in the year, President McCulloh outlined a goal to revise the University's budgeting process to more fully incorporate multi-year planning along with flexibility to address the unique needs of each academic year. Such flexibility is particularly important in periods of fluctuating enrollment. In the fall, a Budget Procedures Steering Committee was appointed by the President to study the budget process and make recommendations to the University Budget Committee. Summarized recommendations are as follows:

Multi-Year Perspective with Current Year Flexibility - Beginning with the FY 16/17 budget, prepare a two-year rolling base budget, along with an annual "intra-year" flexible budget that will flex in relation to actual enrollment and associated enrollment-related expenses, creating opportunity for better resource utilization based on results informed by actual enrollment.

Local Stewardship and More Reliable "One-Time" Funding - Beginning at the end of FY 16/17, create a structure to automatically carryover a portion of unexpended budget expenses as a mechanism to assist in funding one-time departmental initiatives.

The University Budget Committee supported the adoption of these recommendations to the Vice President for Finance. These recommendations are subsequently endorsed by the President's Cabinet and the President, acknowledging that some refinements may be needed as the recommendations are fully implemented.

Please review the content on this website for more information. In particular, a series of FAQ's are provided on the website. Further, the Office of Budget and Financial Analysis will host an open house on Thursday, March 3rd from 11am to 1pm in College Hall 211. Please stop by if you have questions.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the many colleagues across the University that have assisted, and who will continue to assist, with this important initiative.

Best Regards,

Joe Smith, Associate VP for Finance
Jane Button, Director of Budget and Financial Analysis
Heather Shilley, Associate Director of Budget and Financial Analysis