Corporate Cards

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Gonzaga University established the card program to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and convenience related to purchasing goods and services while reducing transaction processing costs.

These advantages have been modified to highlight the benefit cardholders, departments, and the University will experience in providing frequent travelers with a Zags Travel & Expense Card.

Advantages to Travelers

  • Eliminates out of pocked spending by travelers.
  • Eliminates the need for cash advances and reimbursement requests for travel expenses.
  • Allows travelers to purchase from any vendor who accepts Visa, making this payment method much preferred by travelers.
  • Extremely convenient because travel purchases may be made while traveling.
  • Offers greater security for travelers - no traveler will be stranded.
  • Verification and reconciliation of transactions are done within Access Online, US Bank's online system, accessible on or off-campus.
  • Visa customer service available 24/7.
  • Use and reconciliation of the card is fully supported by the Travel & Expense Office

Advantages to Purchasers

  • Faster order placement and receipt of goods, even outside of normal business hours.
  • No need to advance money or request reimbursement for out of pocket purchases.
  • Expensing charges is completed after the purchase and does not hold up the order process.
  • Verification and reconciliation of transactions are done online, on or off-campus.
  • Purchase requisitions and purchase orders are not needed for transactions purchased with the card.

Advantages to the Department

  • Increased visibility in card transactions offers more flexibility in managing budgets.
  • Electronic approval and oversight offered by reconciling and approving online.
  • Reduces administrative workload for:
    * Cash advances
    * Reimbursement expense reports
    * Purchase requisitions
    * Purchase orders
    * Check requests

Advantages to the University

  • Expedites and streamlines purchasing process.
  • Vendors receive payment quicker
  • Uniform training for all cardholders.
  • Electronic reconciliation and approval system improves visibility.
  • Cardholders are empowered to make purchases while controls ensure compliance with University guidelines.
  • University funds spent on the card program allows the University to earn a rebate.
  • Enhanced record keeping and tax compliance.
  • Cards may be customized individually and immediately.

US Bank Contact

US Bank 24 Hour Customer Service
(800) 344-5696
(701) 461-2042 (for calls outside the United States)