Policies & Restrictions

Students and their teacher having class outside.

Purchasing Restrictions

It is important to be aware that the University prohibits the purchase of certain goods and services while others require special consideration prior to procurement. Purchasing Restrictions may be in place due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, code compliance, special handling requirements, or sustainability requirements. For more detailed information, please see the list of Purchasing Restrictions.

Cell Phone Policy

This policy provides guidelines for Gonzaga departments regarding the issuance of cell phones to employees and the payment of employee' personal cell phone expenses for legitimate job-related needs. The purpose of this policy is to:

  • outline Gonzaga's expectations for proper procedures relating to cell phone acquisition, use, and expense reimbursement
  • define criteria for determining employee eligibility
  • articulate departmental and employee responsibilities
  • assist in managing and containing costs and risks related to cell phone services

University personal are also required to be familiar with the Acceptable Use Policy

University Surplus Policy

Gonzaga University surplus property is managed so as to maintain an inventory of usable items, reduce the need to store unusable items, accomplish alternate uses, and process for sale or other disposal. Surplus property is any property purchased by Gonzaga University funds or donated to the institution, and which is excess to need, obsolete, damaged or worn out. For complete details see Gonzaga University Surplus Policy (updated 8/2012).