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CashNet FAQs

What is a CASHNet eMarket?

CASHNet eMarkets are an online store which enables official University organizations and departments to collect revenue online. Within the eMarket you can sell many items, and organize items by category.

How do I request an eMarket?

Please fill out the New eMarket Request Form and email it to Please allow 2 weeks for the creation of a new eMarket site from the time the completed request form is received by the Controller’s Office.

What happens after I submit my request form?

After the form is submitted, the eMarket & Payments Systems Administrator will build the page in non-production. Once the page is built, the Budget Officer and all appropriate persons will be required to review and approve the site. We recommend running a sample transaction, which can be refunded, to review the customer perspective from beginning to end. After the Budget Officer and appropriate persons has approved the final site, the site it moved to production and available for public use.

How should refunds be requested?

A refund can be requested by the Budget Officer or secondary contact list on the New eMarket Request Form by emailing the eMarket & Payment Systems Administrator. Please include as much information of the transaction as possible (transaction number, date, item purchased, customer name/email, last 4 digits of their credit card number). All refund requests must come from an individual email account, not a departmental email or group-managed email ( is acceptable, is not).

How will requests for new sites be prioritized?

Requests for new sites will be created on a first come, first serve basis

How do I add items to my eMarket?

To add a new item to your eMarket, please complete the New Item Request Form and email it to Please allow 1 week for the creation of a new item from the time the completed request is received by the Controller’s Office

What is each area on campus responsible for?

Department/Club Responsibilities:

  • Submit eMarket requests in a timely manner
  • Test storefront and report any issues
  • Update eMarket & Payment Systems Administrator to any changes to the site with as much advance notice as possible
  • Reconcile transactions and report any errors/problems as soon as possible

eMarket & Payment Systems Administrator Responsibilities

  • Create eMarket sites as requested
  • Coordinate testing of eMarket sites with department/club
  • Create Report Groups as requested
  • Process refunds as requested by eMarket owners

CASHNet Forms

Cashier Request (to establish a new cashier)

eMarket Update Request (to request a new item or change to an item on an existing eMarket)    

CASHNet Tool Kits

Hard copies may be requested by emailing Ashley Seick

eMarkets Tool Kit

Please check back for this tool kit.

Reports & Finding Transactions Tool Kit

Please check back for this tool kit.

Cashiering Tool Kit

Please check back for this tool kit.

Contact the Controller's Office

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