Handling Your Bulldog Bucks Upon Your Departure

Request Refund or Donate to GU

As stated in our ZAGCARD terms and conditions, the ZAGCARD is valid as long as the cardholder is a Gonzaga University registered student, Gonzaga employee, contractor or subcontractor employee working on campus, or affiliate.

Upon your graduation, withdrawal, end of employment or end of affiliation, your Bulldog Bucks account balance may be refunded or gifted to the University upon your request. All requests will first go through an audit and may be reduced by an amount owed to the University.

Important information regarding refunds

  • An audit of the student account and registration is completed.  If the cardholder is enrolled in the following term, then the refund request form will not be processed.
  • The Bulldog Buck balance will be applied to any remaining balance due on their student account.
  • Attempts will first be made to refund the balance back to the credit/debit card that last deposited the funds, if the last deposit was made via CASHNet.  This means that if the funds were deposited by a friend or family member, the funds will be refunded back to their card.  If the refund via credit/debit card is unsuccessful or the last deposit was through student accounts, then the Bulldog Buck balance will be refunded based on the form.