Northeast Spokane

Spokane’s Northeast community faces significant economic, educational and health challenges. 2017 census data gathered for Northeast Spokane’s Zone Project reflects these challenges: median household income is $33,171 and 39% percent of children under 18 are living in households at or below the poverty line. Between 77-94% of students enrolled in neighborhood schools qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. Life expectancy rates in these neighborhoods are significantly shorter than in many of Spokane’s neighborhoods. 

Key Assets

The 2019 Northeast Listening Project and 2015 Neighborhood M.A.P.S. Project (Mapping Assets and Promoting Strengths) highlighted some of the key assets in Northeast Spokane. The full Northeast Spokane Neighborhood M.A.P.S report can be found here.

Northeast Listening Project  

In 2019, students, staff, and faculty conducted one-on-one interviews and surveys with residents and community leaders in Northeast Spokane to identify community priorities for engagement and partnership. The full report, which can be found here. The following assets were identified:

  • Parks 
  • Neighbors 
  • Engaged Community 
  • Sense of History 
  • Close Knit 
  • Diversity  
  • Community Event 
  • Interdependence 
  • Community Pride 
  • Great People 
  • Walkability 
  • Library 
  • Natural Environment 
  • Centennial Trail 
  • Sense of Connection 
  • Unique Character 
  • Sense of Place