Signature Programs

Currently the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion offers two signature programs, as well as the following initiatives:


An online intercultural skill development program for staff and faculty that aims to develop and support intercultural fluency within the GU workforce. The participation rate for academic year was 84%, and with the launch of 2.0, we are taking it to the next level to include students. The 2.0 launch is slated for Fall, 2021.


Underrepresented Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Gonzaga University's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program seeks to promote pedagogical and institutional excellence through diversification of faculty, curriculum, and students at the university.


IMPACT - Intercultural Multicultural Professionals Advancing Change Together

IMPACT is a group consisting of faculty and staff of color and their allies at Gonzaga University who have come together for the purposes of supporting one another as individuals. 

The Gonzaga University IMPACT initiative has four components:

  • address issues of employment of faculty, administrators, and staff as it relates to recruitment and retention of employees of color,
  • promote awareness of cultural diversity on our campus, in our community, and in the world and be an advocate voice for further learning, and supporting diversity,
  • develop relationships and partnerships amongst other Gonzaga community members in order to promote good will and mutual understanding of our human difference, and
  • be a presence and a voice for students of color though mentorship, education, and support.


GUCDEI - Gonzaga Council for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The University Council is the primary advisory body to the Chief Diversity Officer, the President’s Cabinet and President. It is charged with making policy, programmatic, and procedural recommendations in the areas of Campus Climate, Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity, >Strategic Planning, Recruitment and Retention, Culturally Inclusive Pedagogies and Curriculum, Evaluation and Accountability, Domestic Diversity and Global Cultural Engagement




Colleagues of Color

Gonzaga University's Colleagues of Color meet once every month. All folks of color are welcome to this cultural affinity group. Contact to be added to the list