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For the last several months we have been witnessing the results from centuries of our country’s untreated racism pandemic animated by the brutal and heinous killing of George Floyd. During these extremely painful and disturbing times, Langston Hughes comes to mind when he asked, ‘what happens to a dream deferred, does it explode?’ This office hour is a collaborative space to practice strategic sense making to discover where practical hope and light reside in these shadow times for a Greater Good. — Dr. Raymond Reyes

You are invited to join our open and informal discussion.

Dr. Raymond Reyes, Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, will hold an open, informal, virtual meeting space for students, staff and faculty to play conversational jazz with the community’s restless curiosity about what they are experiencing, thinking and feeling as it pertains to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) related, current topics and issues. It is an opportunity to build community through reflecting on the extremely challenging, unprecedented times that surround us. This meeting time is an invitation to have generative conversations that address the need to ‘do something’ to contribute to social change.

Beginning August 5 2020, Three Wednesdays every month, from 12:10 p.m. to 1:10 p.m.,

For more information and the virtual Zoom link, please contact Dr. Reyes at

“Isn't it amazing that we are all made in God's image, and yet there is so much diversity among his people?” -Desmond Tutu

Raising Their Voices

Student voices at Gonzaga have often served as courageous drivers of progress, provoking conversation and action. 

In 2002, with the release of a video entitled “And We Stayed,” students shared stories about the challenges they faced as underrepresented students on their journey toward graduation.

“Where Were You When” was released in 2017 and highlighted the experiences of several students and called for leadership to take action. These students have joined ongoing conversations and initiatives to forge a path toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion on campus.

As part of larger initiatives outlined on this site, the Office of Admission worked with students, faculty and staff to create the 'Diversity Conversations' video series below. This series covers diversity from several perspectives. As is true with all work surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion, our work telling these stories is ongoing. Not every perspective is present in these videos, nor are the important topics of equity and inclusion. As Gonzaga continues its efforts to share stories of diversity, equity and inclusion, we look to our community to hold us accountable. If your perspective is missing, we’d love to hear from you.

We invite you to join the conversation.

Diversity Conversations

How do you define diversity?

Gonzaga community members offer definitions of “diversity” by considering a wide range of interpersonal and systemic aspects related to underrepresentation.

How do you contribute to diversity at Gonzaga?

The many identities, backgrounds, and experiences that contribute to the overall diversity dialogue on campus.

Does talking about diversity ever make you feel uncomfortable?

How and why talking about diversity can be difficult or uncomfortable for both minority and majority students, faculty, and staff.

This is Gonzaga

Gonzaga's Our Voices Journal of Culture and Diversity strives to shed light on the voices at GU that feel unheard or underrepresented. Share your story here.

We invite you to join the conversation at Gonzaga

From cultural clubs, to ally training, to intergroup dialogue sessions there are a myriad of ways to connect with others in our community and work together toward shared understanding and respect for everyone.

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