Accreditation Steering Committee

The membership of the Accreditation Steering Committee is as follows:

Ron Large, Chair                  Associate Academic Vice President, ALO

Marissa Alcorn                      Student

Judi Biggs Garbuio              Vice President of Student Development

Timothy Clancy, S.J.             Director of Honors Program, Trustee, Philosophy

Frank E. Case, S.J.              Vice President for Mission

Todd Dunfield                       Director, Center for Community Action and Service Learning

John Eliason                        Director of Composition and the Writing Center, English

John Fitzgibbons, S.J.        President, Regis University

Theresa Gee                        Trustee, Alumni

Tina Geithner                        Human Physiology

Chris Gill                               Chief Information Officer, Info. and Tech. Services

Heather Gores                     Athletics, Associate Athletic Director

Michael Hazel                       Graduate Faculty, Professional Studies

Jane Hession                       Undergraduate Advisor, Business

Natalie Janes                       Graduate Student

Patricia O'Connell Killen     Academic Vice President, Religious Studies

Joe Kinsella                           Assistant Vice President for Global Engagement

Ken Krall, S.J.                        Jesuit Community, Assistant Rector; Classics

Earl (Marty) Martin                 Executive Vice President, Law

Pat McCormick                      Faculty Director of Assessment, Religious Studies

Julie McCulloh                       Dean of Admissions

Chuck Murphy                        Vice President for Finance

Heather Murray                      Human Resources

Joe Poss                                Vice President for University Advancement

Raymond Reyes                   Associate Academic Vice President, Chief Diversity Office

Angela Ruff                            Coordinator, Special Projects

Ken Sammons                      Plant Services, Director

Kathryne Shearer                  Disability Resources, Director

Joe Smith                              Associate Vice President for Finance

John Spencer                        Foley Center Library

Chris Stevens                        Faculty Senate, School of Business

Joe Sunderland                     Education

Kyle Swartz                             Student

Patricia Terry                           Core Director, Associate Dean of A&S, English

Christina Turner                     Associate Director, Office of Institutional Research

Jolanta Weber                        Registrar, Assistant Academic Vice President

Jim White                                Financial Aid, Director

Kirk Wood-Gaines                Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Mark Young                            Education

Accreditation Liaison Officer to the NWCCU
Associate Academic Vice President
Ron Large, Ph.D.
502 E Boone Ave
Spokane, Washington 99258