The NWCCU Accreditation Process

The Commission recently changed the ten year accreditation cycle with nine standards to a seven year accreditation cycle with five standards. The new standards are as follows:

  1. Mission, Core Themes, Expectations
  2. Resources and Capacity
  3. Planning and Implementation
  4. Effectiveness and Improvement
  5. Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation, Sustainability

Under the ten year structure, Gonzaga's accreditation cycle was 2004-2014. The Commission did not change the end date of Gonzaga's accreditation cycle. As a result, Gonzaga is now completing the new requirements of the seven year accreditation cycle in four years. A report will be due to the Commission every year until the year 2014 when we will enter a new seven year cycle. At that point, Gonzaga will be required to provide the Commission with a report every other year. 

In our current cycle, the Year One report to the Commission was due on March 1, 2011, and that report was turned in on time.  Normally (and subsequent to the end of this accreditation cycle, in 2014) the reports would be due as follows:

Year Three report - Standard Two

Year Five report - Standards Three and Four

Year Seven report - Standard Five

Due to our shortened cycle, the Year Three report will be submitted in 2012 (followed up by a NWCCU on-site visit to our campus), the Year Five report will be submitted in 2013 and the Year Seven report will be submitted in 2014 (followed up by another on-site visit to our campus). The Standards are explained in depth on the NWCCU Standards for Accreditation page.

On campus presentations are ongoing to educate the University on the accreditation process. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation used in these sessions can be found to the right of this page as a quick link.

Accreditation Liaison Officer to the NWCCU
Associate Academic Vice President
Ron Large, Ph.D.
502 E Boone Ave
Spokane, Washington 99258