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Spokane Community Members:

Thayne McCulloh
Gonzaga University President Dr. Thayne McCulloh

For nearly as long as both have existed, the stories of Spokane and Gonzaga have been intertwined and connected. In 1881, Father Joseph Cataldo, S.J. purchased the land upon which Gonzaga College would eventually be built; together with Spokane architects and builders, foundations of granite became a thriving community of Jesuit priests, teachers and students. Generations of civic leaders, educators, business owners, engineers, scientists, attorneys and community members have been granted degrees by Gonzaga; the people of Spokane have been some of Gonzaga’s greatest and long-standing supporters.

During the seventeen years since my wife, Julie, and I began working here, much about both Gonzaga and Spokane has changed. The University has doubled from virtually every perspective: enrollment, facilities, staff and faculty. Spokane has grown in positive and significant ways as well. Given the significant change and expansion Gonzaga has experienced during the past eight years, this booklet highlights some of the important ways we see Gonzaga impacting and collaborating with, and within, our local community.

In recent years, Gonzaga has begun talking more publicly and intentionally about its essential mission. Rooted in a centuries-old Jesuit educational tradition, we seek to prepare generations of faith-filled and ethical leaders whose actions reflect a commitment to service, justice, and promotion of the common good. Our commitment begins right here, in the local community of which we have always been a part. We look forward to creating the next 125 years—together.

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Thayne M. McCulloh, Ph.D.