UMEC Spring 2014 Events

(Events Subject to Change)


Crafting Unity: Unity T-Shirts
Coming together for peace and justice. Stop by the Crosby Student Center main floor and create your own FREE t-shirt!
Wednesday, January 22, 12-2 PM
Crosby Main Floor
Brought to you by: UMEC

Annual GU Iron Chef: Cultural Cooking Battle
GU Iron Chef is an annual event for students to share with the GU community their respective culture through the experience of cultural cuisine. The goal of this event is to build a more inclusive GU community by providing a platform for all to interact, learn and experience the culinary delights of other cultures.
Sunday, January 26, 3-4:30 PM
Globe Room, Cataldo Hall
Brought to you by: UMEC and Sodexo


Peggy McIntosh: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Dr. McIntosh will engage the audience by creating a dialogue on various issues intersecting race, inclusion, privilege and gender. Through interactive lecture, McIntosh will explore these issues with exploration of her own identity. McIntosh will pose questions to the audience, which will spark critical thought and reflection. The program is free and open to the GU and Spokane Community.
Tuesday, February 4, 7 PM
Jepson Wolff Auditorium
Brought to you by: UMEC, Black Student Union, and GU's Chief Diversity Officer

Peggy McIntosh
Peggy McIntosh, activist.

Mocktail Movie Night: Freedom Riders
Attracting a diverse group of volunteers-black and white, young and old, male and female, secular and religious, northern and southern-the Freedom Rides of 1961 took the civil rights struggle out of the courtroom and onto the streets of the Jim Crow South. Freedom Riders tells the terrifying, moving, and suspenseful story of a time when white and black volunteers riding a bus into the Deep South risked being jailed, beaten, or killed, as white local and state authorities ignored or encouraged violent attacks.
Wednesday, February 12, 7 PM
Foley Teleconference Center
Brought to you by: UMEC

Freedom Riders

Cultural Awareness Night: Abolitionists
Beginning in the 1830s, several religious, social, and political reform movements swept through the United States. Among the men and women leading these reforms were abolitionists who fought to end slavery, an institution they believed to be incompatible with the founding principles of the nation.
Friday, February 21, 7 PM
Foley Teleconference Center
Brought to you by: UMEC

The Abolitionists

Real Talk: Muslim Identities
Come and engage in honest conversations about being Muslim in the U.S., Spokane, and at Gonzaga. This event is student-led, so please join the panel of GU students as they share their stories.
Tuesday, February 25, 7 PM
Foley Teleconference Center
Brought to you by: UMEC and Center for Global Engagement


Crafting Unity: Connie Soto Murphy Art Exhibit
Come out and view artwork from an engaging artist through her blend of passion for life from her own perspective.

Wednesday, March 5, 12-2 PM
Crosby Main Floor
Brought to you by: UMEC

Soto Piece
A piece by Connie Soto

Annual Diversity Monologues
Come celebrate the "Power of Voice" and the creativity of our Gonzaga students who are passionate and willing to share their diverse experiences.
Thursday, March 27, 7 PM
Jepson Wolff Auditorium
Brought to you by: UMEC


Diversity Monologues



Cultural Awareness Night: Vincent Who?
In 1982, at the height of anti-Japanese sentiments arising from massive layoffs in the auto industry, a Chinese-American named Vincent Chin was murdered in Detroit by two white autoworkers. Chin's killers, however, got off with a $3,000 fine and 3 years' probation, but no jail time. Outraged by this injustice, Asian Americans around the country united for the first time across ethnic and socioeconomic lines to form a pan-Asian identity and civil rights movement.
Friday, April 4, 7 PM
Foley Teleconference Center
Brought to you by: UMEC

Stand Against Racism
The Stand Against Racism has the goal of bringing people together from all walks of life - across the campus - to raise awareness that racism and injustices still exists. This year's event will feature small group discussions facilitated by two professors. This event is also FREE and pizza will be included.
Friday, April 25, 12-1 PM
Gonzaga Law School Barbieri Courtroom
Brought to you by: UMEC and GU Law School Diversity Committee


UMEC Study Break
Take a break from your studies and join UMEC for FREE fun, food, and music. Plus, there will be free professional massages, some party games, and of course friends to take your mind off of exams. Admission requires a ticket from the UMEC office staff.
Monday, May 5, 6 PM

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