Gonzaga students have many opportunities to learn about sexual misconduct prevention, education and safety during their New Student Orientation and throughout each academic year.  Various offices and departments on campus present these programs including the Center for Cura Personalis, Residence Life, and more.  Programming about sexual misconduct and harassment, the impact of drugs and alcohol in students' lives, and harm reduction and prevention is available through the Center for Cura Personalis, 1111 N. Dakota, 313-5921 or extension 5921.  SWRC conducts a number of events each semester and is also available to design programming for specific groups or situations. 

SWRC also coordinates the Green Dot program at Gonzaga University.  In August of 2010, the nationally recognized Green Dot program came to Gonzaga and trained numerous faculty, staff, and students.  Since then, Gonzaga has been doing Green Dot as a way to educate students, faculty and staff on how to prevent power based personal violence.  This comprehensive approach to violence prevention capitalizes on the power of peer and cultural influence!  It encourages all students to recognize risky situations that could lead to violence, and to intervene using simple methods and tools prior to violence happening.  By simply intervening, students can stop the violence.  To learn more about this program, check out or contact the Center for Cura Personalis

Throughout the year, residence hall programs also focus on personal safety, relationships, sexual misconduct and other related topics. Students are encouraged to check out Campus Public Safety and Security's blog, CAMPO at  for various safety tips. 

 The Women's and Gender Studies department supports student-led programming related to sexual misconduct and harassment, such as the annual Take Back the Night program each spring.