Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct and Harassment

At Gonzaga, sexual misconduct is a broad term used to describe many behaviors including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and/or discrimination and harassment based on sex or gender.  These behaviors include things such as rape, sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, sexual exploitation and coercion and others.  Sexual misconduct runs contrary to Gonzaga's mission, values, and Ethos Statement.   In addition to being prohibited by University policy, sexual misconduct is also prohibited by a federal law known as Title IX.  The University does not discriminate on the basis of sex in any of its programs and nondiscrimination is required by Title IX.

Reporting Options:

If you feel you have experienced any type of sexual misconduct or harassment you may report the incident in a number of ways: 


 2) Assistance is available from the University 24 hours a day year-round by calling the Campus Public Safety & Security Dispatch Center at 313-2222 or extension 2222. You can request a Security Officer to respond and take a report, or request to speak to a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) First Responder. You do not have to file a Security incident report to speak with a SART First Responder

 3) During regular business hours you may also contact a professional staff member in the Student Development Office, College Hall 120, 313-4100 or extension 4100

 4) An anonymous incident report can be completed on-line by using the anonymous report form via the Gonzaga University website at

 5) A report can be made with a SART First Responder, Security Officer or a Professional staff member from the Student Development Office

  • You may report the incident without disclosing your name, the name of the accused person or requesting any action. However, withholding your name, the name of the accused or requesting no action may limit how the University can deal with the situation
  • You may report the incident and request an investigation and/or University judicial action
  • You do not have to decide whether or not to request University judicial action at the time you make the report. This option to request action is open to you as long as you and the accused person are students of the University

 6) File a criminal report with the Spokane Police Department. You can report directly to SPD by calling 911. It is important to preserve any evidence. Do not shower, douche, wash clothes, brush teeth, eat or drink after an assault. The police may want to collect evidence for a potential criminal investigation.

Notifying the Spokane Police Department will generally result in the reporting party, and in some cases the accused, being contacted by a police officer. The police department determines if a criminal investigation will occur and if the case will be referred for prosecution.  A case not referred for criminal prosecution will still receive a University response.

 A report made only to Gonzaga University is not the same as a report made to local police. The University process and the criminal justice process are two separate courses of action. If you wish to file a report with the Spokane Police Department, a Gonzaga Student Development Professional staff member will assist upon your request. The University will not file a police report about your incident or on your behalf unless compelling circumstances exist.  The University's response to a report is not impacted by the reporting party's decision to file a criminal complaint, or the outcome of the criminal investigation.  You can pursue a criminal complaint and a complaint through the University at the same time.  In some cases the University's investigation may be delayed while the police investigation is being done.

For more information on the University's Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policy, how to report sexual misconduct, and resources and support available, please visit the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Resources website.