Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 . What's the weather like in Spokane?^

Spokane has four definite seasons and although temperatures tend to be moderate, there can be periods of very cold weather in winter. See our link to Spokane Weather!

2 . What is there to do in Spokane?^

Gonzaga is centrally located in the heart of Spokane within walking distance of downtown, Riverfront Park,the Arena, the Opera House, and so much more! Check out our link to Spokane Area's things to do.

3 . If I'm not Catholic, will I still fit in?^

There are many students who are non-Catholic. All students are welcomed into the Gonzaga community as unique individuals with contributions to offer and talents to be developed.

4 . Is the campus safe?^

Gonzaga is situated in a residential area not far from downtown Spokane. While the University has a relatively low crime rate, personal safety and the protection of property is an on-going concern and effort at Gonzaga. See Campus Security for more information.

5 . Do I have to live on campus?^

Freshman and Sophomores are required to live-in-residence. We believe this requirement assists students in meeting other students and becoming part of a larger community. Residency allows students to focus on the pre-eminent academic goal at Gonzaga while being part of a vibrant community that values education of the whole person. See our Office of Housing & Residence Life for further details.

6 . What if I get sick or need emergency medical treatment?^

The Health Center staff (a doctor and three nurses) is available to assist you Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. If you need medical assistance after hours, you can reach a doctor or nurse to consult via telephone, or take a cab to a 24 hour clinic or emergency room as needed. See the Health Center for more information.

7 . What if I don't get along with my roommate?^

The residence hall staff is available to facilitate conversation or mediate any conflict between roommates. Most conflicts can be solved, however, some situation may require that a roommate be relocated.

8 . What kinds of jobs are available on campus?^

There are plenty of work-study and non work-study on-campus jobs available to students. There is a Job Board located on the first floor of the Administration Building where jobs are posted. Students may also contact the Student Employment Office. See The Career Center for more information.

9 . Will I be able to access the Internet from my room?^

The residence halls are wired to the main University server allowing students to access the Internet from their rooms.

10 . Is there help available if I'm not sure in which direction my education is heading?^

Always! Almost anyone at GU can guide you to people who can help. Your faculty advisor should be your first step if you need help with the direction of your academic program. Another resource is the Academic Advising and Assistance (College Hall room 104). The Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students Office can also assist with this process.