Jill Royston M.A.
Program Manager

Jill Royston, M.A., is the Program Manager for the Student Wellness Resource Center (SWRC) at Gonzaga University.  Jill earned her B.S. from Washington State University in Psychology and her M.A. in School Counseling from Gonzaga University.  She has been with the SWRC since August of 2007 and leads the Green Dot - Power Based Personal Violence Prevention effort, Advises GPlus (aka G+)-Gonzaga Peers Listening and Understanding Students, and collaborates with colleagues to provide REAL(Relevant Education for Authentic Living) programs for the Gonzaga University student body!

Jill currently serves Gonzaga University as a Board of Regents member (representing the staff of Gonzaga), Chair of the Sexual Violence Advisory Board, Co-Chair of S.A.S.H.A. (Students Advocating Sexual Health Awareness) Workgroup, and Co-Chair of the Campus Education and Awareness Committee for the Division of Student Life.  In 2008, Jill was awarded Advisor of the Year from the Division of Student Life at Gonzaga, an award nominated and voted by the students. Jill also serves The BACCHUS Network (a Collegiate Peer Education initiative that supports the achievement of students' academic and personal success by building skills in student leaders to address campus health and safety issues) as the Area 1 Consultant  (WA, ID, AK, and OR states). Prior to becoming the Area 1 Consultant, Jill served The BACCHUS Network at the Washington State Coordinator. 

In her spare time, Jill gains frenetic energy from her husband of 17 years and two daughters.  She is a college football and basketball fan, loves to dance and finds peace reading in the sunshine!

Jamie Kelp
Office Manager/Secretary

Jamie Kelp is the Office Manager for the Student Wellness Resource Center (SWRC) at Gonzaga University. Jamie attended Spokane Community Colleges where she earned her Human Resource Management Certification. She then attended Eastern Washington University. Her education and experience is primarily in Human Resource Management and this is her first "gig" in Student Life.

Jamie joined SWRC in August of 2011. She enjoys collaborating with colleagues to provide REAL(Relevant Education for Authentic Living) programs for the Gonzaga University student body!

Jamie currently serves Gonzaga University as an Executive Committee Member for Staff Assembly. She serves on the Programming Board and the Professional Development Committee for Student Life.  

In her spare time, Jamie enjoys making memories with her four daughters and her husband! She enjoys the outdoors and her favorite place to hang with family and friends is Lake Roosevelt.

Paige McGowan
Program Coordinator

Paige McGowan, M.P.A., is the Program Coordinator for the Student Wellness Resource Center (SWRC) at Gonzaga University. Paige earned her B.S. in Community Health from Eastern Washington University. She also holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration with a Certificate in Health Services Administration.

Paige joined SWRC in December of 2012 and looks forward to advising G+ (Gonzaga Peers Listening and Understanding Students). Paige was a BACCHUS Network certified Peer Educator and a Peer Advisor during her undergraduate studies. Her experience includes planning, implementing, and evaluating events both on campus, and in the community.

In addition to advising G+, within the Program Coordinator role she will continue the efforts of Green Dot - Gonzaga's Power Based Personal Violence Prevention strategy, and will work creatively and collaboratively to keep students at Gonzaga healthy!

When away from the office, Paige can be found sharing her life with her husband, walking her dog, traveling, and trying curb her addiction to candy and Thai food.