Montana GOOB

Montana GOOB · August 25th - 29th 

Montana GOOB
 is a fun and exciting pre-orientation trip for 75 lucky incoming Gonzaga freshmen. GOOB is a fantastic opportunity to bond with other incoming Freshmen who love the outdoors and to meet our fun-loving student Adventure Guides who run GOOB.  The Sunday before freshmen orientation, we meet at Gonzaga and load a bus to spend 4 nights camping near a river in the beautiful, secluded part of western Montana.  Each day the freshmen break into three groups to embark on a full day excursion with upperclassmen student guides.  One day is spent rafting down class II and III rapids on the Alberton Gorge of the Clark Fork River (Montana).  Another day is spent mountain biking on the beautiful and historic Trail of the Hiawatha at Lookout Pass (Idaho). This trail is not technical; however it incorporates some challenge with a long (although not steep) climb at the end.  The trail is well worth the challenge though as it offers beautiful views of the Bitterroot Mountains, scenic waterfalls and several old railroad tunnels to bike through. The third day is a scenic hike into the gorgeous Heart Lake located on the Montana/Idaho border. Although there are 3 different groups for the day trips, each afternoon we will re-group at base-camp to enjoy a dinner prepared by students and guides.  After dinner we will wrap up the night with fun, relaxing evening activities. We will return to campus just in time for the regular Gonzaga freshmen orientation. This is a great bonding experience for both between the incoming freshman and the upperclassman guides.
Cost: $400* 


Send us an email on Tuesday, June 18th at 7am Pacific Time zone to with this format:

Subject line: Last Name, Spokane GOOB OR Montana GOOB (make sure to clarify which GOOB you would like to go on)
Message: Name, Email, Cell Phone Number, and which GOOB you want to go on.

Please see Gear List


Do I have to do all three activities; Hiking, Biking and Rafting?

All three activities are included for every student to enjoy! If there is a specific activity that you would rather not participate in, please let our Office know and we will make accomodations for you.

When do I need to be in Spokane and when will I leave?

We need all participants to check in on Sunday, August 25th between 9:00am to 10:00am at the Crosby student center.  Upon our return, we will have a gathering (parents and family welcome) after everyone has cleaned up and the next day you will go straight into orientation!

Am I responsible for getting to campus from the airport?

Yes you are, however, we may be putting together some type of shuttle or carpool depending on student arrival times at the airport. More information about this will be put together once the information about students' travel itinerary is given to us.

Will students be granted early check-in to the dorms?

Yes, students participating in GOOB will have the opportunity to check into their dorm rooms the morning of the 19th.  They will not however have time to get their rooms settled, (they'll have at most about an hour) but they will be able to get their keys and put their things in their room.

Do I need to have any prior "outdoor" experience?

Nope, every level of skill is welcome!

*Cost will never be a barrier for a Gonzaga Outdoors trip.
If you are unable to afford the participate cost, please follow the sign-up procedures and then contact Gonzaga Outdoors.

Our office is in the lower level of Crosby Student Center
Phone: 509.313.4189
Questions? Email us!