Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Why should I attend New Student Orientation?^

New Student Orientation is an incredible experience that will orient you to your new community. New Student Orientation will be your introduction to collegiate life. You will meet faculty, staff, various campus resources, and upperclassmen who are dedicated to making your transition to Gonzaga as seamless as possible. It is a full weekend of activities, and these events are intentionally planned to help you explore academic and social facets of Gonzaga.

2 . When is New Student Orientation?^

This is a four-day Orientation beginning Friday, August 28 through Monday, August 31. It will be a full weekend of activities, so prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience! 

3 . Who are these "Orientation Leaders" and these "GUide Core" characters? ^

Only the best people you will ever meet! During Orientation, you will be assigned two Orientation Leaders, led by upperclass Zags. They have been trained all summer to ensure that you will have a successful transition into college life. You'll meet with your Small Group throughout the weekend, and they're a great resource to learn the ins and outs of GU. GUide Core, also Orientation Core, are the five students who plan and coordinate New Student Orientation. 

4 . I haven't received any information from GUide Core, what should I do? ^

Please email or give us a call at (509)313-4016 

5 . Is there a program for Parents & Families? ^

Yes! Our Parent & Family Programs welcomes your families to a two-and-a-half day orientation that runs parallel to New Student Orientation. For more information and Registration, please visit the Parent & Family Orientation website HERE

6 . What about Spokane? ^

The second largest city in Washington state, there is a plethora of culture, industry, and community! Located in eastern Washington, the city's motto is "Near Nature, Near Perfect. With all the amenities of a big city, but also the beauty of the outdoors, Gonzaga really is lucky to be located in such a dynamic city. 

7 . What will the weather be like? ^

In August, expect it to be in the nineties and above. Be sure to check the weather before you arrive, but just keep in mind that Spokane Summers are hot!

8 . What should I pack? ^

Please visit our packing list HERE. Just a tip, it’s a good idea to pack early!