Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Engagement (DICE)
Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource CenterUnity Multicultural Education Center (UMEC)

Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Engagement (DICE)

Vision Statement

We envision a community where human difference is affirmed and integrated into the intellectual, personal, and professional development of all students.

Mission Statement

In order to create a diverse and inclusive community, we utilize the principles of critical dialogue, reciprocity, and solidarity to facilitate learning that cultivates cultural engagement, enriches mindfulness, fosters a sense of belonging, and challenges systems of privilege and oppression.

Student Development Office
Gonzaga University
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0074

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Assistant Academic Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, Interim Director of DICE
Raymond Reyes

LGBTQ+ Resource Program Manager
Matthew Barcus

DICE Program Manager
Deb Ellis

Social Justice and Outreach Program Manager
Sasha Gibson

Student Leadership and Engagement Program Manager
Maria Isabel Morales

ACTSIX Graduate Intern
Christina Alexander

LGBTQ+ Resources Graduate Intern
Debbie Jean Brown

LEADS Graduate Intern
Morgan Owen