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Service Immersion Student Leader Application

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It is important to CCASL that student leaders achieve a healthy balance between the various demands of college life. For this reason, all student leaders are limited to 2 leadership positions within CCASL (with the exception of Reality Camp, because it happens before the school year) and we ask you to list all commitments that you anticipate having next year. Please fill this section out completely:
Extra-curricular: write in, leader or participant, hours committed per week
Leadership: write in, hours committed per week
Jobs: write in, leader or participant, hours committed per week

Please answer the following questions in no more than 250 words.
Summarize your previous volunteer/leadership experience.
Why do you want to be a leader in this program?
What qualities would you bring to this program?
How do you stay organized and set priorities? Please describe a time when you’ve had to handle event logistics.
What is your previous experience in coordinating/leading an event and working as part of a team?
Describe one stressful moment where you had to make quick decisions. How did you handle it?
Please describe your experience and level of comfort leading other students.

Please Select Which Program(s) you are applying for:

Justice in January

Justice in January is a service immersion program that connects students with a greater understanding of themselves, their service group, and the community in which they serve. This program occurs during the last week of winter break.

Please indicate which position(s) you would like to be considered for:

Justice in January Coordinator (2)
Justice in January Assistant (Federal Work Study)

Mission: Possible

Mission: Possible is a service immersion program that seeks to immerse GU students in service during Spring break in communities unlike their own within the United States. It is based on the four pillars of social justice, community, spirituality and simplicity.

Please indicate which position(s) you would like to be considered for:

Mission: Possible Coordinator (10)
Mission: Possible Assistant (Federal Work Study)

Reality Camp

Reality Camp is a service immersion program for incoming first-year GU students. It seeks to connect students to the local Spokane community needs and raise awareness of the social justice issues that are present in Spokane.

Please indicate which position(s) you would like to be considered for:

RC Core Team (2-3): The job of the RC Core Team is to work at CCASL during the summer months to prepare for Reality Camp. They will have the role of contacting community partners, scheduling, training student leaders, and handling all camper registrations. These positions will also oversee the Logistics Team and Group Leaders during and prior to Reality Camp. This position requires you to be in Spokane for the summer and during Reality Camp and seeks students who are professional, organized, self-motivated, and are servant-leaders.
Group Leaders (8): RC Group Leaders work together to provide campers with a positive experience throughout the program. They coordinate and plan site visits, facilitate group reflections, have uplifting attitudes, problem-solve potential issues, plan group activities, and serve as role models for the participants in the program. They are also expected to stay informed and assist whenever possible.
Logistics Team (3-4): The RC Logistics Team consists of self-motivated, organized, creative students who are detail-oriented. The logistics team will be responsible for ensuring all proper preparations are made for each meal and service site, in addition to rotating into service projects and reflections. They will help guarantee that everything goes smoothly throughout the week, and they will help run evening community-building activities. Their role will be a great balance of behind-the-scenes coordination and interactions with participants and leader support.

If selected as a leader for this program do you agree to attend:
Yes No - CCASL Retreat
Yes No - CCASL BBQ the first week of classes
Yes No - Weekly meetings
Yes No - Reflection & training activities
Yes No - Other events as assigned
For Reality Camp:
Yes No Not Applicable - to be on campus in the summer two days prior to Reality Camp for training. (Note: Participation in Reality Camp excludes students from being an R.A. or Orientation Group Leader).
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