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Campus Kitchens Leadership Team Application

Campus Kitchens Leadership Team Application

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It is important to CCASL that student leaders achieve a healthy balance between the various demands of college life. For this reason, all student leaders are limited to 2 leadership positions within CCASL (with the exception of Reality Camp, because it happens before the school year) and we ask you to list all commitments that you anticipate having next year. Please fill this section out completely:
Extra-curricular: write in, leader or participant, hours committed per week
Leadership: write in hours committed per week
Jobs: write in, leader or participant, hours committed per week

Please answer the following questions in no more than 250 words.
Summarize your previous volunteer/leadership experience.
Why do you want to be a leader in this program?
What qualities would you bring to this program?
How do you stay organized and set priorities?
Have you volunteered with the Campus Kitchen before? Yes No - Explain:

Which Campus Kitchens projects are you the most interested in being involved with?
Running meal shifts
Organizing deliveries
Community Garden
Community Dinner

If selected as a leader for this program do you agree to attend:
Yes No - CCASL Retreat
Yes No - Programmatic Planning/Staff Meetings
Yes No - Reflection Activities
Yes No - Other events as assigned