Service-Learning Resources and Library


Washington Campus Compact hosts the Continuums of Service Conference, conducts evaluations and provides resources to service-learning faculty.

National Society for Experiential Education provides information about publications and resources.

Corporation for National Service is the nation’s largest grantmaker supporting service and volunteering. The website provides valuable information on CNS initiatives and various programs.

Campus Compact provides service-learning practitioners sample syllabi and resources on community-based education.

Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning is a peer-reviewed journal that published articles written by faculty and service-learning educators on research, theory, pedagogy, and other issues related to academic service-learning in higher education.

National Service-Learning Clearinghouse maintains a website with timely information and relevant resources to support service-learning programs, practitioners, and researchers. The Clearinghouse operates national email discussion lists to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas. The Clearinghouse also maintains an ever-growing library collection that is available to Learn and Serve America grantees and subgrantees.


All these reading materials are available in the Office of Service-Learning at CCASL