Career Services

There are two distinct offices at Gonzaga which are able to assist with your career questions:

Career Counseling and Assessment services are available through the Counseling and Career Assessment Center. There, working with your Counselor, you can explore yourself more deeply and thereby discover more about yourself.This clearer self-awareness can in turn be reflected upon your whole Gonzaga experience and especially the view of your academic strengths/weaknesses and preferences.Then, with the guidance of your Counselor, you can better evaluate your choice of major and future career/occupation.At this point, your Counselor will direct you to resources available on campus such as The Career Center for further exploration.

The Career Center offers a variety of programs and services for employers interested in facilitating connections with Gonzaga students. Training is provided for the development and implementation of career plans and opportunities for students and alumni. Graduates of Gonzaga University provide the distinction of a humanistic education–combined with enthusiasm, dedication, innovative techniques and the latest technology–to many organizations. The Career Center assists students and alumni in the discovery of meaningful opportunities and facilitates connections between students and employers.