Internship Program for Students

Welcome to the Center for Career & Professional Development Student Internship Program!

We are here to prepare students and provide opportunities so every student can have a successful internship experience. At Gonzaga, internships are used to transform classroom knowledge into real world experience; for a glimpse into the affects of internships, see this internship video.

An internship allows you to:

  • Acquire work experience that is relevant to your academic training
  • Gain practical “hands on” work experience and skills 
  • Establish valuable relationships with potential employers

Internships come in all different shapes and sizes: they may be paid, or they may be unpaid; they may be part-time or full-time; for academic credit or not for credit. Although there are many combinations unique to your needs, there are three things internships all have in common: Reflection, Research and Readiness.

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