Getting Started

Internships 101 Orientation

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Steps to Finding an Internship – The Three “R’s”

REFLECTION: “Knowing what I want to learn, and how to make it happen”

ASK the Basic Questions:

  • Do I need this internship for credit?
  • Do I need this to be a paid internship?
  • When do I want to do this?
  • What geographic location do I want to be in?

Consider contacting the Counseling Center to take a vocational interest or personality assessment.

Conduct a career/vocational investigation – explore the resources of Center for Career & Professional Development and O*Net Online.

Ask questions of the people who know my strengths and interests.

RESEARCH: “Educating myself on the possibilities”

Take advantage of Gonzaga’s Career Services – find out what is possible, where to search.

Talk to your parents, professors, mentors – get connected to a network of opportunities.

Understand how internships differ: “For Experience or For Credit”; “Paid or Unpaid”;  “International, government agencies, for-profit or non-profit organizations”

Use the Internet:

  1. Create a profile on
  2. Conduct Google searches in your field of interest
  3. Use Social Media sites like LinkedIn to make connections
  4. Survey internship sites designed just for college students
  5. Inquire about reciprocity services with Jesuit universities
  6. Look beyond the label. Consider lesser known organizations or companies. Many are a perfect fit!
READINESS: “Getting myself equipped with a plan and a tool kit”

Create a strategy, get organized, and begin early!

Give yourself time for the search and application process. Identify what you will need

Utilize existing resources; the Career Center & GAMP offers a wide menu of services:

  1. Workshops, trainings, events, career and internship fairs
  2. Appointments for individual help
  3. Resources, literature, networking opportunities

Update your Résumé and Cover Letter

  1. Make sure it is complete, tailored to the internship, and represents the best in you

Begin Networking, begin Communicating

  1. Register with GAMP for a mentor and begin a conversation
  2. Locate professionals in your field and hold an informational interview
  3. Write a letter or a construct a proposal
  4. Make a call

Practice Interviewing

  1. Do your homework on the company
  2. Make an appointment in the Center for Career & Professional Development for a Mock Interview – know how to present yourself with enthusiasm and professionalism

Follow Up!  Write a thank you note or make a call