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Wait, what's GAMP?

The Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program (GAMP) is a career development and networking program designed for Gonzaga University students and alumni.  It works by matching students and recent graduates with a mentor in industries/professions related to their academic major or desired career fields. The primary goal of the program is to establish a relationship between the mentee and mentor that facilitates informed career decision-making and the development of a network that results in increased career opportunities.

GAMP has alumni and friends across the country available to assist students and graduates in their career planning or job search.  They may provide testimonial information, give feedback on career plans and job search strategies, and when appropriate, provide job leads or referrals.  Although contacts made through the program may lead to job opportunities, GAMP is not a job placement or referral service.  Instead, GAMP facilitates the exchange of information, development of professional contacts, and the sharing of personal experiences and interests of its participants.

In addition to mentor matching, GAMP’s Trek program plays a valuable role in student and alumni career development.  The Treks are primarily career development and networking programs designed to increase the visibility of Gonzaga University students and alumni in key metropolitan areas across the country, such as Seattle, Portland, New York, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. The goal of the Trek program is to create opportunities for our students to network with alumni and employers in their home region or the region they hope to work in following graduation.  This makes the Treks an excellent vehicle to bring employers together with Gonzaga students and alumni.  Each year, a number of successful pairings are made via the Treks, resulting in permanent positions, summer employment, and internships.

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